Penuhi semua kebutuhan tentang panduan desain untuk ruangan Anda yang menakjubkan
Industrial design focuses on exposing raw textures and materials, to create an almost unfinished look. Warm and neutral colors are generally favored for industrial designed space, which are typically large and open.
Modern design are sleek, spacious, simple, and focus on function and organization. Asymmetrical balance are key identifying features of modern interiors.
The tropical resort style captures the relaxed feel with layering different wood grains with an exotic allure, rooms designed with a resort style feel exude warmth and graciousness.
American Classic
Rooms decorated in the American classic style are generally relaxed and comfortable with simple adornments. Spaces look
Spanish Hacienda
Spanish haciendas express romantic beauty with their arcaded silhouettes, rich colors, and natural materials. Colorful accents add character and charm to this decorating style.
Rustic furniture, simple timber paneling, no clutter, plain unadorned walls are the distinguishable decoration features of the American Colonial Style.
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